Unmasking The Hits That Made EDM Star Marshmello Successful

Unmasking The Hits That Made EDM Star Marshmello Successful

Marshmello is one of the most iconic figures in the electronic dance music scene. The DJ's engaging beats have captivated billions of people across the world. He became highly recognized for songs like Alone and Happier, building a massive following around him and launching him into the mainstream music scene. He did this all while veiling himself with a giant marshmallow hat. 


Though he was confirmed to be Chris Comstock, Marshmello's mask amplifies the way his music stands out, allowing people to focus on the beauty of the art rather than the image of the artist. He has proven through many of his songs that he could entertain the masses with his creative ability, becoming one of the kings of the EDM scene.


The Hits that Spiraled Marshmello to Stardom


In 2016, Marshmello released Alone, his most renowned song yet. The song seems and even sounds simple at first glance, but that's what made it resonate with so many people. From its memorable chorus to its pulsating beat drop, Alone hooked its audience with its energetic rhythm, and the lyrics made the song's impact. 


The passion behind the song came from Marshmello's battle with loneliness, as he had moved away from his loved ones, causing him to feel homesick. Marshmello created Alone, not just as another song to increase his fame but as a work of art that raises people's spirits, showing them that it's okay to feel and be alone. 


What makes the song so iconic is that though the song is about loneliness, the lyrics are simple, and the rhythm is infectiously upbeat. All through his art, Marshmello was able to empathize with the many people who were struggling while allowing them and everyone else to immerse themselves in the music. 


With its dynamic sound alongside lyrics that deeply connect with its audience, Alone went on to amass billions of views on social media platforms such as YouTube and TikTok. Alone has undoubtedly propelled Marshmello into the spotlight, being one of his many songs to earn multi-platinum certification in countries such as the U.S.


One of the other aspects that makes Marshmello's music so loved is how beautifully it can interplay with voices. His 2018 single Happier featuring indie pop band Bastille is one of the best examples of how Marshmello excels in his role as a DJ, magnifying the emotion that the vocals convey. 


The song delves into the pain someone experiences as they are losing something or someone that they love, whether it's through a failing relationship, death, or anything else. Though Happier's lyrics are heavy-hearted, they also convey that despite how things have gone wrong, we can make ourselves and those we love just a bit happier in the face of struggle. 


Marshmello was able to bolster the impact of this song through his music, turning Happier into one of his most popular songs. He has also collaborated with pop stars such as Khalid, Selena Gomez, and many others. Marshmello's way of blending pop voices in the music he creates is indicative of his skill as a musician. 


Through all of the ways he leveraged his talent, whether you look at his remarkable music IQ or even his unique personal branding, it's unsurprising how Marshmello rose to become one of the most well-known DJs in the world. 

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