Global Hits: Neffex

Global Hits: Neffex


Neffex is an American musical project known for its royalty-free electronic, rock, and rap music. Neffex's numerous viral songs and flexible copyright rules garnered immense popularity with nearly 6 million subscribers on YouTube. On Spotify, Neffex has more than 5 million monthly listeners. Ambitious projects by Neffex also secured its musical success.


In 2017, the Neffex began a 100 song challenge, releasing a new single every week for 100 weeks. “Fight Back”, “Rumors”, “Soldier”, “Best of Me”, and several other songs immediately became viral successes. Neffex also made remixes for renowned artists such as Marshmello, Eminem, the Chainsmokers, and other artists.


Neffex took on the formidable challenge of putting out one song every week for 100 weeks and made that into the catalyst for their success. It has made numerous motivational songs to inspire content creators, musicians, or anyone who wants to be great. Numerous examples of these motivational songs include “Fight Back”, “Cold”, “Grateful”, and more.


Neffex did not stop there either. On July 7, 2021, Neffex again started another challenge to put out 100 songs in 100 weeks.


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