Delving Into Drake’s Biggest Hit of 2023

Delving Into Drake’s Biggest Hit of 2023

 It's no exaggeration to say that Drake is one of today's modern pillars of hip-hop. His ingenious blend of genres such as R&B, pop, rap, and electronic is a testament to how his music has such an iconic melody. The confidence and vulnerability he exudes through his vocals capture the attention and hearts of his listeners. 


With a unique music style and popular personal brand as an artist, Drake and his music have become an art form of itself. Drake consistently garners massive acclaim through each of his hits, which was undoubtedly the case for his 2023 single First Person Shooter


As a groundbreaking collaboration with J. Cole, First Person Shooter underwent a meteoric rise to the number one spot for both the US Billboard Hot 100, bolstering Drake's place in history by tying the record for most solo number-one songs by a solo male artist with Micheal Jackson.


The song stood above the rest through unfettered energy conveyed by the vocals and metaphorical lyrics that assert Drake's dominance in the music scene. Its pulsating lyrics bring the listener through an energetic story told by the lyrics, all while Drake and J. Cole alternate throughout the song with their complimentary music styles. 


The music video of First Person Shooter amplifies the power that the song gives off, creating a supernatural illusion around Drake and J. Cole as the bustling visuals dominate the screen. 


The beauty behind the visuals of First Person Shooter was in how Drake's achievement in reaching the top was shown. Rather than flaunting his cars and other luxuries he may have, Drake instead displays to the entire world his freedom and power to be what he wants. 


Having the freedom to act on your own terms is an important, if not the most important, aspect of being at the top, and Drake, time and time again, navigates his music career without any bounds, and you can see it in First Person Shooter. Whether you love the engaging vocals, the striking melody, or even the visuals, Drake never fails to make a mark that can't just be ignored, through one song at a time.

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