English Reggae Artist, Bitty McLean

English Reggae Artist, Bitty McLean

Bitty McLean is an English reggae, ragga, and rock singer both in August 8th, 1972 born in Birmingham, United Kingdom. His real name is Delroy Easton McLean, but because of his short height as the youngest of five other siblings, he had a nickname called “Bitty”, hence is why his stage name is Bitty McLean. The musician started at a young age as a teen, he worked with local sound systems before joining UB40 as an engineer and producer after studying sound engineering in college. McLean also sang with the band on occasion.

 Around the 1990s, he rose to prominence with cover versions of songs such as The Shirelles' "Dedicated to the One I Love" (UK No. 6) Fats Domino's "It Keeps Rainin' (Tears from My Eyes)" in ‘93, which was his largest UK success, peaking at No.2, and Fats Domino's "It Keeps Rainin' (Tears from My Eyes)" in ‘93, which was his biggest UK hit, peaking at No. 2. In New Zealand and the Netherlands, McLean's song "It Keeps Rainin' (Tears from My Eyes)" became highly popular. McLean also supported UB40, Wet Wet Wet, and Simply Red on three arena tours in the United Kingdom.

In 2004, he released On Bond Street KGN. JA., which showed his singing over vintage Tommy McCook and Duke Reid-produced Treasure Isle rhythms from the rocksteady era, most with new lyrics but also utilising David Ruffin's "Walk Away from Love" and David Gates' "Make It with You." In2007, he recorded Moving' On, a studio album with Sly and Robbie at their One Pop studios in Kingston, Jamaica. In Europe and the United States, Movin' On was released on the Taxi / Silent River / Mideya label, while in Japan, it was published on the JVC label. In 2008 and2009, McLean and Sly & Robbie toured Japan, Europe, and Morocco.

In 2013, McLean released The Taxi Sessions, a new album with Sly & Robbie, as well as a live DVD with Sly & Robbie and the Taxi Gang, which was captured at their concert in Paris in May 2009. McLean also joined The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra on vocals in 2013 for a performance of Desmond Dekker's "Fu Man Chu”. He also joined them on stage for many performances, appeared in the official video for the single, and sang the song on “Later... with Jools Holland” in May 2013.

He released the album Love Restart in 2018. The LP includes six extended mixes of previously unheard music, while the CD has the same six tracks plus five additional songs. The six extended mixes from the LP, as well as five more tracks from the CD, are included in the digital edition.



McLean has three singles that made it to UK Top 75s which have been there for fifty weeks, seven singles in the UK Top 40s for thirty three weeks, three singles that made it to the UK Top 10s for eleven weeks. The artist also had one album that made it to UK Top 40s for seven weeks, and one album that made it to UK Top 75s for eleven weeks.






  • "It Keeps Rainin’ (Tears from My Eyes)" in 1993 (DEBUT)
  • "Pass It On" in 1993
  • "Here I Stand" in 1994
  • "Dedicated to the One I Love" in 1994
  • "What Goes Around" in 1994
  • "Over the River" in 1995
  • “We’ve Only Just Begun" in 1995
  • "Nothing Can Change This Love" in 1995
  • "Natural High" in 1996
  • "She's Alright" in 1996
  • "Walk Away from Love" in 2004
  • "The Real Thing" in 2005
  • "Let Them Talk" in 2006
  • “Got to Let Go" in 2008




  • Just to Let You Know in 1994
  • Natural High in 1995
  • Soul to Soul in 2003
  • On Bond Street KGN. JA. In 2005
  • Made in Jamaica in 2007
  • Movin On in 2009
  • The Taxi Sessions in 2013
  • Love Restart in 2018
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