The Rapper Musician , The Country Musician , The Heavy Metal Artist Himself, Kid Rock

The Rapper Musician , The Country Musician , The Heavy Metal Artist Himself, Kid Rock

Early Life and Career of Kid Rock

The self taught artist, Kid Rock, (Robert James Ritchie born in January 17, 1971, Romeo, Michigan, United States) has had a very unique music career, fully utilizing the creativity of music and its capabilities using heavy metal, rap, and country rock. He has iconically, and persistently, teach himself how to embrace the joys of music through learning how to rap, dance, and disc jockey, all being experimented and performed by Kid Rock at parties and talent shows near Detroit. Though controversial due to his feuds with multiple artists, right-leaning politics, slut shaming Taylor Swift, sexualized lyrics, and even more controversial acts, Kid Rock is a renowned and accomplished artist who sold more than 35 million records worldwide and who has a net worth of over $150 million USD.


His beginnings were in the 1980’s, he started to fall in love with music, and the realm of opportunities and fun it could offer. In that time where he started to learn about hip hop, rap, and dancing, he started to professionally become a member of The Beast Crew. (a hip hop group) This caused Ritchie’s career to flourish, as from there he met rapper D-Nice which he opened opportunities for Ritchie to sign a deal with Jive Records at the young age of 17. (which was where he dropped his debut on)


In December 11th, 1990, Kid Rock jump started his career with his first studio album, “Grit Sandwiches for Breakfast” on Jive Records. Though the initial success he gained when dropping the album, (selling one hundred thousand copies upon release) professional reviews disliked the album. Rolling Stone referring to it as one of the “20 terrible albums by great artists” giving it a two and a half out of five stars. Rolling Stone ripped on the album for being “so insistently generic it’s like he tossed everything current about hip hop in 1990 into a giant colander and sifted out all the individuality.” All Music gave an even harsher rating with a two out of five. From his explicit lyrics in songs based on oral sex, and his other criticisms in the album, Kid Rock’s debut become a double edged sword, making him become one of the best selling artists in Detroit hip hop, but also getting him dropped from Jive Records because of the inappropriate lyrics. This was also a unique album because most of his albums are focused on rock elements, while this album focused primarily on hip hop.


Kid Rock’s Most Successful Songs


Picture (feat. Sheryl Crow): This beautiful country hit by Kid Rock is a simple but deep song made in the context of a broken relationship. The duet in this song (Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow) both used the lyrics to take roles as two relationship partners that have realized they missed each other after their separations. The idea of a picture in this near tragic piece is the way to emphasize how the singers don’t feel complete without each other. This talented duet can relate to a lot of people’s romantic struggles and voids. This song is one of his highest charting singles in the US, reaching up to number four in the US on “Billboard’s Hot 100”.


All Summer Long: This is a casual upbeat song you would listen to at the bar, or a party, or at the beach. This song is a way is quite moody as well, in a good way. It makes you look back at the memories of the paradise of the days of fun, invincibility, and creating memories along the way as you cringe at them, laugh at them, grow nostalgic at them, and daydream about them. This song is messaging to live all summer long, and to live like it’s the last summer. This song became a number-one hit in Australia, and six other European nations. This song in the United States also secured the musician’s first top 10 country hit.


Only God Knows Why: This is generally a quite moody piece of blues rock music. With these lyrics, it’s almost like Kid Rock is pouring the essence of frustration, overthinking, but also day dreaming through time. This song builds a character of communicating personal troubles, while putting life’s experiences in a negative light. There is a positive touch to this piece though, as the lyrics suggest that he will keep moving, because things happen for a reason, and under the power of God. This is the power of art and communication. This song eventually came up to be number 19 on the “Billboard Hot 100” chart.

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