Oliver Sykes: Musical Career of Bring Me the Horizon’s Lead Vocalist

Oliver Sykes: Musical Career of Bring Me the Horizon’s Lead Vocalist

Oliver Sykes is the lead vocalist and founder of “Bring Me the Horizon,” a British rock band that plays multiple subgenres like pop, electronic, alternate, and more. Oliver Sykes is the most well-known artist in that band.





Oliver Sykes is a British-Brazilian musical rock artist born in Ashford, England, on November 20th, 1986.



Though Sykes was born in the U.K., he and his family moved to Australia two years after he was born as an infant. After Skykes was eight, he and his family returned to the U.K, particularly Stocksbridge, which is in Sheffield.


As a teenager, Sykes went to school at Stocksbridge High School, and for college, he went to Barnsley College.







In his rock career, Oliver Sykes used his vocals, guitar, and keyboard to play.



He has a simplistic set of instruments, but he uses them well. At the beginning of his career, he used his time outside of school to jumpstart his career by creating album CDs and short tracks named “Quakebeat.”



At the beginning of his career, he wasn’t in Bring Me the Horizon. At first, he was in a hop band called “Womb 2 Da Tomb” and a metal band called “Purple Curto.” At that time, he didn’t have a total commitment to rock.






Oliver Sykes formed his known “Bring Me the Horizon” band in 2004. They have dropped multiple albums.



Their debut album was “Count Your Blessings” in October of 2006, which charted #93 in the United Kingdom. They created other albums, too, like “Suicide Season” in 2008 “There Is a Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It.



There Is a Heaven Let’s Keep It a Secret” in 2010, “Sempiternal” in 2013, “That’s the Spirit” in 2015, and “Amo” in 2019. In the musician’s career, he has been nominated twice for Grammy Awards two consecutive years, in 2019 and 2020.


The first nomination was the 2019 Grammy award for Best Rock Song. He has also received a nomination for Best Rock Album at the 2020 Grammy Awards.



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