Drake White’s Virtuous and Admirable Country Career

Drake White’s Virtuous and Admirable Country Career


Photographer: Zack Knudsen

Drake White’s artistic creativity and inclination give him the drive to sing with the ability to take you to places he’s never been, embracing what is a country singer, and with passion

Even while he has an arteriovenous malformation, he celebrates what he does, and he does it with emphasis. He is breezy and optimistic like Huckleberry Finn himself. 

In his words, as he was recovering from a stroke in 2019, “There was a revival in my heart and my soul. I felt an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude towards my maker, my life, and the simple things. A paradigm shift happened. I stopped worrying about the things I couldn’t control. I kept writing music and running with that Huckleberry Finn mentality I’ve always had. I kept on swimming, kept on rafting, and kept on rocking. People are going to hear that in my new music. They’re going to see it in my shows.”


This stoic-like mentality magnifies the energy in his show, and it spreads his “OPTIMYSTIC” spirit.


Early Life 


Drake White is an American country singer born on October 3, 1983, in the Heart of Dixie, Alabama.

The artist since his teen years had a lot of thoughts, curiosities, and experiences that he jotted down. He would then later turn these thoughts into lyrics. This shows a lot, as the man can turn his thoughts into pieces of art that can be pleasing to the ears, and can have central messages behind those lyrics. 

In their teenage years, he jump-started his passion for singing, being in the youth choir at First Baptist Church of Hokes Bluff.

Later when he went to Gadsden State Community College though, he fostered his creativity in his building science degree. This would help him be able to work with a general contractor in Nashville who has the primary responsibility of overseeing large home building projects.


Drake White’s Music Embraces the Virtuous Elements of Country Music


Drake White’s music reminds a person of the joys of living, the struggles, and the American Dream. The man appreciates the little things, and he places those thoughts into his music, which shows his clear happiness and joy, and that he’s living a euphoric life. This is seen with one of Drake White’s hits, “Livin’ The Dream”. 


This song makes you feel grateful for what you have, especially if you’re married to a loving husband or wife, with a white picket fence. If you have that, whatever adversities come with it, you’re living the utopia. 


This song was sung in an environment where life is down to earth with trees and grass everywhere. This down-to-earth environment is coupled with a dusty track and not a huge house. It is all coupled with what makes life perfect, your spouse, and the ability to have a drink with him or her. 

The way he presents his upbeat music while creating this pleasing environment in his music video masterfully conveys the message and tone of his song and makes it much better than it already is. This down-to-earth type of country song presents the virtuous and optimistic soul he has from the free life he has lived in the Appalachian areas of Alabama. 

This type of upbeat soul is especially perfect to listen to when you’re driving through a forest or other beauty of the wilderness on a long road trip through the country with your family. Even when you’re not on the road trip, the music makes you feel free, from your responsibilities, and anything bounding you. The emphasis he puts in lyrics makes you feel like you’re in that same truck he is in.


“Look at us with a picket fence

Don't get a lot of money but we're making a dent

Old Ford truck with a dog in the back

Now ain't we livin' the dream

Big blue sky, green, green grass

Ain't doin' half bad for a half-full glass

Kiss me baby yeah just like that now

Ain't we livin' a dream”


As a country singer, he reminds his audience of the core virtues of the art of country music, appreciating god, country, and living a euphoric life as you please with your family. Whether it’s fishing, making music, going on a road trip, or sharing your thoughts and gratitude to God, his straightforward and confident emphasis on vocalizing his thoughts, happiness, and sadness makes listeners feel like they are there.

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