Dominican Salsa Artist, Alex Matos

Dominican Salsa Artist, Alex Matos




Then, he started learning about music more with his teacher, Marianlea Sánchez, who gave Matos some knowledge about Salsa, and later, he received assistance  from Sandy Jorge in order to create a music piece called “Ponte en salsa”. It has ten themes which only two are published.


 In2011, he published the song "Si entendieras," which was popularized by Anthony Ros, with the aid of maestro Victor Waill. This was followed by "A night is not enough," "Love is like a flower," "Perfect love," "I want to tell you that I love you," and "What a pity you give me," the last of which he wrote himself. During his first European tour, he met Roberto Ferrante, president of Planet Records, who agreed to produce and distribute his album "El salsero de agora," which was released in 2013, and contained 12 tracks, 6 adaptations, and 6 unpublished songs, three of which were written by Matos.


With the song "Una noche is not enough," the album's promotion begins on the East Coast of the United States, where it reaches number 8 on Billboard's Latin Tropical Album list and number 7 on the Billboard Tropical Chart. Matos also starts to acquire international notoriety when presenting in programs like "A new day", "Total Access", "Wake America", "Saturday Giant", Jaime "Bayly", among others.




“Ponte en salsa” (2009)

“El salsero de ahora” (2013)

“Salsa Sabor y Sentimiento” (2017)

Para ti Anthony, El tributo (2021)

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