The Vivid & Bustling Talent of the Chapkis Dance Crew

The Vivid & Bustling Talent of the Chapkis Dance Crew

Hip-hop dance is among the most liberating and diverse forms of dance, all while boasting fluid and graceful expression. The beauty of this dance style comes from its ability to not only be a spectacle but to be and feel authentic to the viewer. 


When you see any performance from Chapkis Dance USA, a famed American dance crew, not only do you witness the dancers’ impressive choreography, but you can see the joy, euphoria, and freedom that each dancer carries with them as they compile their talents into a dance. The dance group’s choreography has so much weight behind it because each dance move, and the way it’s done, so accurately matches the energy conveyed by the music. 


With a diverse group of dancers and an even more diverse pool of talents, Chapkis Dance USA never ceases to bring a fresh, engaging approach to dancing to each beat of the music. 


 Chapkis Dance USA in 2023


The owner of Chapkis Dance USA himself, Greg Chapkis, is a prodigious talent in the dance world, working with famed artists like Daddy Yankee and Ozuna. As the lead choreographer of Chapkis Dance USA, Chapkis’s oversight created some of the most famous and even award-winning dance videos. His coveted, world-class teachings have enhanced the skills of many dance students across the globe, including his protégés that he trains at his dance studio in Northern California. 


Through the group’s passionate dancers and talented instructor, Chapkis Dance USA garnered victory after victory in dance competitions such as Hip Hop International, World of Dance, VIBE, and many more. 

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