Quinn Sullivan

Quinn Sullivan

Photographer: Chuck Lanza 

Quinn Sullivan is an experienced blues-rock and pop-rock player, building a career for himself since he was six. The artist is known for appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show at age six, which garnered him national recognition.

The artist also had experience playing with popular blues artists B.B King and Buddy Guy. At the age of twelve, Sullivan released the first of his four albums.

Sullivan has been developing his skills earlier, training with the guitar since age three.
The artist has also developed his art with the Toe Jam Puppet Band, Brian Cass of The Overclock Orchestra, and Stan Belmarce.

Sullivan's use of songwriting and the guitar has always been the center point of his talent.

Sullivan has garnered success in numerous works, including one of his most successful ones, Midnight Highway, which reached number 3 on the Billboard Top Blues Albums Chart.

Songs like these show that Sullivan can bring out the beauty of using a guitar and singing the blues.

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