One Of The Most Prominent Folk Artists From Chile, Gepe

One Of The Most Prominent Folk Artists From Chile, Gepe

Photographer: Claudia Valenzuela Guzman/Courtesy of the artist

Gepe (Daniel Alejandro Riveros Sepúlveda) is an eminent Chilean musician who is known for his use of pop and folk music. He has been named the “new ‘guru’ of Chilean folk” for building on parts of the ’60s and 70’s Chilean folk. 

His music receives millions of listeners, and he performs concerts in places like South America, Mexico, Spain, and the United States.

Gepe’s musical technique combines traditional Chilean instruments with current styles such as Reggaeton and Synthpop, with strong influences from many exceptional musicians.

The artist was influenced by musicians like Víctor Jara, Devendra Banhart, Brian Wilson, and multiple bands. His synthesized use of high vocals, keyboards, and percussion, shows the influence of other prominent artists on his music.

This creativity in Chilean folk can be attributed to the freedom and experimentation in the music scene that pervades the first post-dictatorship generation in Chile. Gepe fully utilizes creativity in his art while using the best of Chile’s musical aesthetic.

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