CHICAGO, one of the most beloved American musicals

CHICAGO, one of the most beloved American musicals

Photographer: Jeremy Daniel

Throughout time, Broadway has entertained audiences with such great artistic performances as CHICAGO, one of the most beloved American musicals. In 2014, Chicago surpassed Cats reaching its 7,486th execution of a performance. 

The Chicago play was based off the Jazz Age. At that time, women were seen as submissive until several high-profile murder cases surfaced in which women appeared to be the perpetrators. These cases were closely followed by the public. Chicago playwright Maurine Dallas Watkins was assigned to cover the trials that were held in 1924.

The Chicago musical is full of humor, it shows the prejudices of the population in the 1920s. It was almost impossible to judge a woman on the trial of murder. An interesting fact about the Chicago musical is that because the crime was committed by women, it is funny how difficult it was to be able to judge these women. Wilkins adds the exaggeration to resell the way women were seen at the time. What we gain from seeing Chicago is the review of the evolution of women and how equal they are today to men.

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