Why “Burn” by Ellie Goulding is one of the Greatest Pop Songs Ever

Why “Burn” by Ellie Goulding is one of the Greatest Pop Songs Ever

Whether you have listened to this song or not, reading this might change your perspective on music.


You will see how music is more than a pleasing sound but an art form that shapes the culture and beliefs of millions of people. Burn by Ellie Goulding is a prime example of that.


Burn is a song released by Ellie Goulding in 2013. It is arguably one of her greatest songs, holding significance and power beyond the catchy sound of the music.


What if I told you that Burn is not only one of her greatest songs ever but a timeless song that holds weight in art 9+ years after its release? The music video of the song amplifies its effect.


One could describe the song in a few ways. It is catchy, upbeat, energetic, and even ethereal sounding. The main characteristic of this song that gives it power, though, is freedom.


The music video depicts young people (probably in their early 20s) running through an empty area full of grass on a sunny day, jumping for joy, and climbing over fences to reach their destination (which is symbolic of rebellion).


The freedom and unburdened attitude of the people in the video is something to marvel at. The song includes words like light, fire, burning, shining, and others that symbolize power, freedom, and energy.


That is something the song embodies, the willingness to accept and embrace the freedom and vitality of youth.


The song's significance is even more profound than the appreciation of the freedom and vitality of youth. The song reminds the listener of the contributions of youth to art even before Goulding's time.


This song is a pop song, and its significance lies in the fact that pop music has been shaped by the influences of youth throughout history. Renowned pop artists such as the Beatles and Michael Jackson, among others, have all contributed to creating a distinctive youth culture in society.


Michael Jackson influenced youth culture through groundbreaking music, iconic dance moves, and a distinctive fashion sense.


His music videos, such as Thriller and Beat It, were groundbreaking and helped popularize pop music worldwide.


Michael Jackson's dance moves, including the moonwalk, inspired young people to express themselves through dance. While his unique fashion sense, including his signature sequined glove and red jacket, became defining styles of the 1980s.


His philanthropic work, such as support for various charities, inspired young people to get involved in social causes and make a difference in their communities. Overall, Michael Jackson's impact on youth culture was far-reaching and continues to inspire and influence young people today.


The Beatles also influenced youth culture through innovative music, a unique fashion sense, a rebellious image, and advocacy for social and political causes. Their music espoused messages of peace, love, and freedom.


That is precisely the message Goulding presents in her song, freedom, and autonomy from whatever stops her from 'giving love to the world' with her passion, which is music.

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