After Breaking Through Many Obstacles, Toosii’s Music has Captivated the Public

After Breaking Through Many Obstacles, Toosii’s Music has Captivated the Public

Like the monumental rise of the rich and diverse music genre of hip-hop, Toosii has been rising and building to become one of today’s most acclaimed rappers yet!

Toosii’s songs are authentic, heartfelt, empowering, romantic, and catchy all at the same time. 

The challenges of his youth brought inspiration, creativity, and heart into his music. You can feel all of that as you listen to his music. 

Toosii’s Humble Beginnings

His career had humble beginnings as he began rapping to escape his struggles when he was younger.

Toosii’s journey to stardom started at age 16 when he first started to record music, all while playing football in high school, unsure about his life mission.

Because of the encouragement from his brother and father, he started to commit to music as his life path.

It was a difficult path for him to go through. He struggled with homelessness, and people in his life (like his football coach) doubted him, but his talent in music eventually became loved by many.

His authentic and unique music got him noticed by the South Coast Music Group, which Toosii signed with in 2019. 

As mentioned by the South Coast Music Group, they describe Toosii as "an entirely self-driven and strong-minded artist, fiercely dedicated to following his instincts and one-of-a-kind vision" (South Coast Music Group).

Toosii’s Path to Stardom

Toosii's career has been nothing short of a meteoric rise, propelling him into the spotlight with remarkable achievements and chart-topping tracks. Though it’s been a difficult journey for Toosii, his drive, and inclination for music eventually brought him a wave of success, financially and artistically. 

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