The Modern Blues Rock Band in Los Angeles: Dirty Honey

The Modern Blues Rock Band in Los Angeles: Dirty Honey

Created in 2017, Dirty Honey is a Californian rock band with members Marc Labelle, Justin Smolian, Corey Coverstone, and John Notto. This band plays Hard rock and Blues rock.

Members Of The Band

* John Notto - He is the guitarist of the band and one of the main founders of the band.

* Marc Labelle - He is the vocalist of the band and one of the main founders along with John Notto.

* Justin Smolian - He is the third member to join the band as the bass guitarist.

* Corey Coverstone - He is the fourth member of the band who joined as the drummer of the crew.


History and Career Of The Band

 The band all started when John Notto moved to Santa Monica, California in a pursuit to create a successful band. When he moved there, he met Marc Labelle. They became friends and have been doing shows together. After their second performance in Sunset Boulevard, the two decided to make a band in 2017. Eventually, Justin Smolian got recruited by Notto. Then, Corey Coverstone got recruited by Justin Smolian in search for a drummer.


When the four members of the band got together, Labelle decided to come up with an official name of the band. He came up with “Dirty Honey” as the name. The origin of the name was when musician Robert Plant was talking about “The Honeydrippers” band in an interview. He mentioned that it the name sounded like a “dirty” band name. In 2018, when MarkDiDia, a veteran from Columbia Records, listened to the band’s music, he became their producer and manager.  In October 2019, the band became the first in the Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs chart’s history to get a #1 single unsigned.




  • Fire Away (2018)
  • When I’m Gone (2019) [#1 peak on Mainstream Rock chart in Billboard magazine]
  • Rolling 7s (2019)
  • Last Child (2021)
  • California Dreamin (2021)
  • Tied Up (2021)
  • Gypsy (2021)


Music videos have been created for “When I’m Gone”, “Rolling 7s”, and “California Dreamin'”.

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