A Close Look at Carly Pearce's Undying Passion for Country Music

A Close Look at Carly Pearce's Undying Passion for Country Music

A multi-talented musician with a strong passion for country music, Carly Pearce has persistently gone after her dreams to become a star in the country scene.


At the young age of 4, Carly Pearce declared that one day, she would perform at the Grand Ole Opry, country music's most iconic stage. Fast forward 27 years, and Pearce became a member of the Grand Ole Opry, performing on the legendary stage 100 times.


However, Pearce's journey to success was far from effortless. But, her encounters with failures and challenges have not only shaped her music but also the development of her strong character as a person. 


Her Lifelong Passion for Country Music


Taylor Mill, Kentucky, was where Carly Pearce's story began. Her grandparents played country music every day, and Pearce became hooked. The more she listened to country music, the more inspired she felt to try it out. The love for music was in her blood. 


Pearce further began to wholeheartedly embrace her passion for music, steadfastly pursuing her childhood dream by seizing every opportunity that came her way. At 11, she captivated audiences by singing in a bluegrass band. Additionally, she performed at churches and tent revivals.


Throughout her teenage years, she continued to captivate her audiences by performing in a few bluegrass bands, which would later mold the style she would bring to her music.


She even took a huge risk by dropping out of school at 16, convincing her parents to move to Tennessee so she could become a performer for the Country Crossroads show at the Dollywood theme park. Boldly taking the plunge to pursue music full-time was pivotal to finding herself and her way in life.


Despite the passion that moved her forward in her career, it has not always been smooth sailing. She has been doubted, rejected, and failed a lot. At 19, when Pearce began to dive headfirst into the country industry, her first years were rough


Finding a Melody in the Midst of Chaos 


When she signed a developmental agreement with Sony Music Nashville, her producer was let go from the label, which caused Pearce to lose her deal with Sony. It was soul-crushing for Pearce to lose this opportunity, and she even considered giving up on her childhood dream and moving home.


But despite the sadness, the frustration, and the struggle, she continued to stay in the game to reach her destiny, even if it was a fight. And it was a tough fight. Pearce had to take many part-time jobs, like cleaning toilets and sheets in Airbnbs.


However, her skills became recognized as she began to network with other musicians and executives. 


As Pearce continued to network, she met Pete Fisher, who was the vice president and general manager of the Grand Ole Opry. 


It was a meeting that would change her trajectory forever, as Fisher opened the doors for Pearce to grace the Opry stage in 2015 – a significant leap even before she secured a recording contract.


And their professional bond went beyond that single performance. Fisher, impressed by her musical prowess, took the initiative to introduce her talents to none other than record producer Busbee.  


`The wheels became set in motion, and during that same year, things all came together when Busbee signed her to a developing artist deal. Carly Pearce's path to success started to materialize, driven by her undeniable skill, Fisher's support, and Busbee's belief in her potential.


At this point, nothing was stopping her monumental rise in the country industry. In 2016, Busbee and Pearce created her most successful track yet, titled Every Little Thing. The song was a hit, becoming the catalyst for her talents to be acknowledged by many!


The song was released as a single to country radio in 2017, and by November of that same year, the song skyrocketed to the 5th place spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Because of her success, multiple record labels offered to work with her, realizing how talented she was. 


What Makes Her Music So Loved?


Carly Pearce's music style is rich and diverse, born from her roots in bluegrass folk and contemporary country styles. Her experience singing with bluegrass bands helped her learn harmony singing, which enhanced the emotion she expressed through her music. 


She even accredited bluegrass artists for their profound influence on her music, especially her singing. Artists like Doyle Lawson, Rhonda Vincent, Alison Krauss, Ricky Skaggs, and Sonya Isaacs enchanted Pearce with their voices, inspiring her to do the same to her audience with her voice.


Along with the influence of folk music on her music, her songs also have elements of contemporary country. In a review by Taste of Country, delving into her 2017 studio album Every Little Thing, tracks such as Catch Fire were described as pop-leaning.   


Pearce's songs come together like a beautifully woven tapestry, threads of bluegrass folk and contemporary country intertwining to craft a sound as warm and soothing as a Southern sunset.


The way Pearce seamlessly brings a modernistic sound to her music while never forgetting her roots makes her unique in country music.

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